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The IHSPLA is the governing body for team-based high school powerlifting in the state of Illinois. The IHSPLA is guided by its four core principles: Character, Culture, Equity, and Service.  


We believe that sports are the greatest educational platform that exists. In conjunction with sports-based non-profit, the Good Athlete Project, we provide coaches with the tools necessary to use powerlifting as powerful platform for character development.



We are committed to creating a culture of competitiveness, accountability, support, and inclusiveness. Powerlifting often comes with a stigma (sometimes deserved, often not), one that we hope to combat. We welcome all athletes regardless of race, gender, belief, or sexual orientation. All meets are team-based and co-ed without exception.



Finances will never stand in the way of a team or individual competing. There is a team fee for entry to all of our meets, however those with concerns about their ability to pay the fee should reach out to us. All IHSPLA meets are strictly unequipped. The only required piece of equipment is a single-ply singlet. Wrist and knee sleeves would be considered optional, but allowed. Knee wraps, bench shirts, and squat/deadlift suits are strictly prohibited.



We believe that being able to compete in the sport of powerlifting is a privilege and because of this we are committed to giving back. Every year the IHSPLA raises money for a variety of causes, including Special Olympics and Mental Health Awareness. We encourage all teams to find a way to give back on their own as well.

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